the fundamentals of design: Digital Content


Sometimes big ideas have small budgets. The makers end up doing things on their own. Social media is relied on because there’s no website. No reputation. It all needs to be built. Then, digital content is created without any consideration to design. This is for those situations.

Design matters. The craft takes years to progress in. When you’re starting out, budgets are tight. Hiring professionals isn’t possible. So you work fast and loose. Building becomes DIY. It’s not an ideal, but it happens.

This covers the fundamental techniques that should be used when creating content for your business. The stuff that builds your reputation. The pieces that get you seen.

For it to be used correctly, it should always be referred back to. Whenever you get stuck. This won’t teach you to be a good designer. This wont make you an artist. It will stop you making the mistakes amateur designers make.

Basic and fundamental techniques. Taking your digital content from 0.0 – 0.1. It’s the first notch of progress for the beginners.

This product is a PDF E-Book.

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