Focus more on paying attention

In a culture of technology and a nano-second attention span, the work we put out into the world holds a high risk of disappearing amongst the noise of the internet.

Social media platforms have opened up opportunities for both individuals and businesses to create networks of communities with like-minded individuals.

They have also generated a concerning addiction to attention, through likes, follow counts, retweets and story views.

As an individual or a brand, the platforms available to us on the internet hold copious amounts of potential when publishing our work, refining our concepts and building our networks. However, if we do not adapt our perspective to pay more attention and seek less of it, we hold the risk of not taking advantage of the capabilities and capacity that these tools hold.


As a brand you should be focussing on your work and paying attention to your customers / audience.

The content you publish will hold valuable data and feedback on what you’re putting out there, providing you with the opportunity to refine and improve the work you do.

Focus more on paying attention and less on seeking attention.

Here’s a great talk on doing exactly that:

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