Your outfit, your reputation, you.

Building a brand isn’t easy, and what comes easy doesn’t last.

You might have heard that on the promo video for our online course. Although it’s quite catchy, the reason it’s in there is because it’s true.

When we look at our own business, we should look at it as an on-going project. It doesn’t stop. As long as the business is still running, you should be in the background keeping the momentum going. It’s hard work.

Then, as if that isn’t enough, now you need to work on our ‘brand’. The not so easy just became harder. It shouldn’t be this way. After all, if building a brand is such a doom and gloom process, why do so many people do it?

Here’s a watered down list of things to bear in mind.

Your Outfit. Your Reputation. You.

Your Outfit.

In life we wear clothes. When we buy clothes, we pick ones that we like personally. Our outfit is how we present ourselves to the people of the world. The way we present ourselves matters. That’s why people buy designer clothes. The same goes for your business. Presentation matters. Don’t skimp on the design of your presentation.

Your Reputation.

The majority of people in the world want to be liked. A good heart is essential, and being known for being nice has never been a bad thing. It’s a faultless reputation to have. This matters in business too.

If you catch a customer’s eye with your presentation, now they need to hear good things about your reputation.

We all know businesses that are untrustworthy. We give them the benefit of the doubt for the first transaction and all trust is gone by the end of it. That’s not a brand, it’s bad business. The businesses with a great reputation and returning customers, that’s not a business, that’s a brand.


The most important piece of the jigsaw. Only you can be you. No one else. The same goes for your product or service. It’s your work and it’s your proof.

This is where people can see for themselves if you live up to your reputation. Don’t be the business that loses trust. Concentrate on your work. It’s the proof that you are what others say you are and what you look like you are.

Good work matters. When you chase numbers instead of work, this goal often become obscured. Don’t let that happen.

In a nutshell, good presentation, outstanding customer service and exceptional work. No shortcuts, just effort.

Hopefully these personalised analogies help clear up a few things when building your brand.

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