Trust the process

Your business is an idea.

Every idea is a seed. It needs to be planted. Once planted, it needs to be watered and cared for. It’s a process. It takes time. Effort. Patience. And most importantly, trust.

So who do you trust?

Firstly: Your idea and the belief you have in it.
Secondly: The process.

It’s not easy to do but it’s easy to understand. It’s also completely doable, with some effort and hard work.

Let’s break it down a little more.

When you first plant a seed, more often than not it’s in a temporary pot. It’s not perfect and it’s far from ideal but it works. It does what it needs to do. Then, once the plant has grown enough, you repot it. You begin to take a little more pride in your choice of pot. Why? Because the plant has grown and developed into something you want to show off a little more.

The secret:
Understand that the shiny new pot phase wont come until you have completed the fast and loose (temporary pot) process.

Trust the process. Your idea needs time. The world moves fast but a good idea is worth slowing down for.

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