The simple breakdown of a vanity metric


This one is for the small businesses builders.

I’ll keep it short and sweet.

If you’re building a business and you’re managing your own social media, don’t be fooled by vanity metrics.

If you’re not sure what a vanity metric is, here’s a little break down:

A vanity metric is a statistic that looks great on the surface, but doesn’t actually leave you with much to get excited about.

Social media likes and follows are a perfect example of this.

‘10,000 Likes’ looks impressive, it might even massage your ego, but ego massaging doesn’t translate to consequential business results.

So, when studying your online content creation, keep your business goals in mind.

And remember:

Vanity Metrics
Vanity metrics feel good to look at but they lack guidance in the next steps that you should take as a business.

Actionable Metrics
Actionable metrics can be used to inform better business decisions.

Always look for the actionable metrics.