The Problem Solving Process

A problem is not always a negative matter or situation. It’s often just a point in the work process.

The best way to solve a problem is to explore it. If we accept or ignore it, we’re merely putting it on hold. Another option is to protest. This is also unhelpful.

Here’s a simple but helpful breakdown on how to approach problem solving. The process is flawless.

  1. Identify – Identify the problem you’re faced with.
  2. Define – Define the problems position and what it’s effecting.
  3. Explore – Explore possible solutions. How they will work and how they wont.
  4. Action – Take action on the appropriate ideas and solutions.
  5. Implement – Implement the effective concepts into your process.
  6. Analyse – Analyse how they’re working and the level of effectiveness.

Next time you find yourself faced with a problem, in either work or life, take the time to use this process.

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