Take advantage of the dips

When it comes to business there are no straight lines towards success.

Dips, curves, climbs and stalls happen. Why? Because business is real life. It’s difficult.

The solution: Adapt.

We can create a full proof plan for the building process of our brand, and we can consider a vast selection of scenarios along with it. But there will always be something we didn’t consider and the likelihood is, that’s what we’ll be faced with.

Look at the above visual. There’s a significant climb. The reason for this? We’re looking at the bigger picture.

Before each positive incline, there’s a negative plunge.

These plunges could last days, weeks or months. Definitely long enough to consider giving up on what you’re working on. However, this is where we adapt.

There is no such thing as over-night success. Success is created from publishing work, examining the data and refining your approach. The adapting phases of your brand building journey are the most important ones. It’s where we learn the most about, not only our business but also ourselves.

Next time you’re at the bottom of the drop and the climb looks steep, treat it as an opportunity to refine. Forced creative thinking works best for this.

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