Platform Risk

Social media platforms are fantastic tools for business.

They offer global opportunities from local check points. But they should be used with caution.

To position a business that depends solely on social media as a market connector is an ill-advised strategy.

As useful as these platforms are, at any given moment they can be switched off. Years of your marketing, engagement, audience building and public growth can be snatched from you, with no guarantee of any return. We call this platform risk.

It’s only then do we realise, how little control we have over something so essential to our business.

A tool that isn’t as trendy but is completely reliable to us is email.

It’s technically been around since 1965. The functionality has changed very little since then. We compose. We type. We press send. And the best part – No one actually controls it.

Of course, there are dos and don’ts with email.

As with everything professional, there’s etiquette. But there are no ‘platform rules’ with a big boss monitoring us. There’s no final say on whether your online connections exist or not.

Brand Connection Hack 1

When it comes to creating authentic and trust worth connections with your customers, don’t avoid the boring. An email newsletter might not be as trendy as TikTok, or as in-vogue as instagram, but the direct connection that’s created when a new email is delivered to an inbox, can be powerful… When done correctly.

Brand Connection Hack 2

Don’t rushing off to start a newsletter without consideration.

These type of techniques always result in spam like outcomes and are always motivated by a selfish filter.

Plan your content. Consider your audience. Design it well. Use strategies that concentrate less on “How can I?… (get you to spend your money on my stuff)” and more on “What can I do for you?… (as a company)”.

Be generous. When you’re ready to sell, sell it with transparency.

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