Begin before you are ready

“99% of businesses fail for one reason – they didn’t start.” — David Hieatt

When it comes to building a brand, it’s very easy to get in the way of yourself and end up not starting.

The easiest thing for an individual to do when venturing into a new business, is to create roadblocks for themselves.

These roadblocks are merely justifications for a lack of productivity in the areas that actually matter.

There will be an endless list of excuses for why it’s not the right time to start, but the uncomfortable truth is, there will never be a right time.

Starting the building process provides you with the valuable opportunity of monitoring progression (or lack of), which in return, gives you a chance to refine.

“Not being ready” provides you with nothing.

To refine what you start is the driving force in achieving improvement in what you do, which surges the quality and value of your business.

A brand that seeks to better the quality and value of its own product is a brand that is committed to its purpose and pays respect to its customers.

A brand that fails because it didn’t start didn’t ever have a real purpose.

What is your brands purpose?

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