A small but valuable audience

When it comes to social media, System 540 loses followers everyday.

We celebrate each person that decides to unfollow and unsubscribe too. Why? It provides us with good data. We learn who our work is for and who it isn’t for.

The uncomfortable truth

If what you do is for everyone it isn’t actually for anyone. It’s the uncomfortable truth that online culture disregards.

There’s too much emphasis on online status signalling and not enough emphasis on the importance of good specific work.

Good specific work attracts a specific audience. There might not be 20k of these individuals to begin with, but each and everyone one of them will matter.

Why? – Because they’ll have an authentic interest in your work.

This is what you call a small but valuable audience.

Excellent Brand Hack

Next time you find yourself worrying over the number of likes an instagram post has, transfer that energy into your work.

It’s the age old strategy of timeless business and excellent brand building.

The more you concentrate on the work you produce (and share), the more it will capture specific people’s attention. These people are the ones that matter.

This is often ignored because it consists of a continuous effort and hard work.

The key to producing your best work is to remain specific with your approach. Remember, consistency is key but specificity is underrated.

Good work isn’t about high follow count on social media. That stuff comes in time.

After all, there was no such thing as Instagram when Nike first started. Just well designed trainers for a specific group of track and field athletes at the University of Oregon.

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